The Curse of Beckton Manor by Patricia Alying

Weird premise that works rather well

I enjoyed this book from immensely even if it’s positioned as a young adult crossover.

Set in two different periods – 1557 and 1957 – The Curse of Becton Manor tells the tale from two perspectives.

Tom’s parents inherit Becton Manor; a ramshackle of a large house off the beaten track in England. Quickly, strange events occur complete with ghostly appearances.

An accidental discovery leads Tom into tunnels below the house and into a series secret entrances and rooms.

The book rewinds to 1557 and the family who lived in the house. We learn they are wealthy but trouble comes in the form of a new tutor intent on trying to get his hands on the money.

What was interesting about this book are the glimpses into the history of both periods. Lots to learn!

The tale twists and turns before leading to a predictable but thrilling ending. I found the book well written, solid and enjoyable.