Ghosts of Fallujah by Coley Tyler

I have never served in the armed forces but have an interest in military history from World War I onwards.

Ghosts of Fallujah helped me understand a bit more about the famous (and prolonged) battle in Iraq yet I felt it was written for people associated more strongly with the military than Joe Normal on the street.

There were a few issues I had with this book.

1) The photos were tiny and insignificant when viewed on Kindle (as were any illustrations).

2) Every chapter starts with a quote (which I stopped reading after a while) from Steven Pressfield’s Gates of Fire .

3) There’s a bibliography at the end of each chapter interrupting the flow.

4) The epilogue was so long, I skipped it.

The strategies, leadership, action reports and the conditions on the ground are something I’ll probably never experience but are detailed out here.